July 2, 2020

The advantages of our PE110 pipe production line.


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this time we will introduce the components and the advantages of our 110 pipe production line.



The main parts of our 110 pipe production line


We equip 60/38 high speed and high capacity extruder;


One 9-meter vacuum tank, two 9-meter cooling tanks;


One 2-claw rubber belt haul-off unit;


One high speed dust free cutter and one flying-knife cutter for the 110 pipe production line,the two cutters could work together(The flying-knife cutter is mainly used for cutting small pipes, like 16,20,25,32mm,the planetary cutter is mainly used for cutting 40-110mm pipes).





The main parts of extruder: electrical cabinet,motor,gearbox,screw and barrel, machine frame and heaters;


Electrical components:

First, we use KEB inverter;

LG air switch for main motor;

Bosch Rexroth inverter for color strip co-extruder;

The line is also equipped with electric meter to monitor the energy consumption , so we can know the output of the whole line , the consumption of electricity for one day;

Heating control parts:

We use Siemens PLC;

OMRON intermediate relay;

Schneider low voltage breaker and air switch;

Crydom solid state relay from USA from heating control device;


SIEMENS touch screen;


FALK gearbox. We must add 220 medium load gear oil before starting,the main function of condenser is to cool the grease inside the gearbox;


There is a water shunt below with one inlet and one outlet. It is for cooling gearbox and water bush of screw;


The temperature of water bush must not be very high, so the waterways must be open before starting extruder. If the temperature is too high, it will effect material feeding and output;


We use permanent magnet synchronous servo motor which has a better performance of power consumption than AC motor and DC motor;


This is insulated cotton heater which has a better insulation effect than ordinary heater.It has advantages ofplasticizing and energy saving ;


The screw is alloy screw which has advantages of high output, wear resistant, stability and good plasticization.



Vacuum tank


The vacuum tank is 9 meter long with two sections. First section is 3 meters and second section is 6 meters;


Vacuum pumps are controlled by inverter. It’s noise is much lower;


There are two filters installed in the water pipeline on vacuum tank. The two filter could be used alternatively. If water quality is not good, it needs to clean filters regularly;


There are solenoid valve automatic drainage and ball valve manual drainage. In production , manual drainage does not need to open, only need to open automatic drainage. There are two water inlet and two water outlet.The manual water inlet is on the upper side and doesn’t need to open. Usually the automatic water inlet is controlled by solenoid valve. Water temperature and water level could be monitored by temperature sensor and water level sensor;


Let’s have a look at our electrical components. There are Rexroth inverter, Schneider,OMRON and CHNT brand elements.


Vacuum tank is used for shaping and cooling pipes. The shaping and cooling effect of 9 meter vacuum tank is much better than that of 6 meter vacuum tank.


Cooling tank


The main function of the cooling tank is to cool the pipe. The spray effect will be better than the old type cooling tank. There is a set of filters which can filter the inside nozzle, pipeline to prevent impurities from getting into the nozzle and pipe. There is one inlet and one outlet, respectively under the box.


Haul off unit


This is our two claw rubber belt haul off unit. The designed speed is 35m/min. We use Delta servo motor which can ensure precise belt synchronization, so that the pipe wall thickness deviation error is smaller andthe error of each pipe can be accurately controlled;




This is the planetary cutter which adopts synchronous belt to cut, which could match haul off unit. It canensure neat and flat cutting edge of pipe;


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