July 2, 2020

Attention and maintenance of the twin extruder

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Introduction of our company's 65 / 132 conical twin-screw extruder . We will introduce the matters of attention and maintenance of the extruder including the motor, gearbox, barrel and screw, electric cabinet and other aspects.


This 65/132 extruder is equipped with a 37kw AC motor. There has a bearing on both sides of the motor. There are two lubricant oil nozzles on both sides of the bearing, in front and on behind. The lubricant oil must be add regularly to make sure the lubricants of the bearing.


The gearbox is divided into a reduction gearbox and a distribution box. The distribution box converts one output power into two output powers. In terms of maintenance, the gearbox must be filled with 220 medium load gear oil. After 300 hours of running, the gear oil needs to be replaced, or the gear oil is released to filter out the impurities, and then reused.
The front of the distribution box is a conical twin screw and barrel. Its function is feeding, plasticizing, extruding.
Here is the main cabinet, which includes all the electrical components and the inverter. All the operating procedures of the extruder are in the electric cabinet. The three galvanized pipes are water inlet pipe, water outlet pipe and the vacuum drain pipe. The inlet pipe is for cooling gear. Box, and water supply for vacuum pump. Please pay attention when installing the external water pipe, the two drain pipes can not be connected in series to prevent water from flowing into the vacuum pump through the vacuum drain pipe, thus entering the barrel and cause material changes. The connecting hose is easily blocked between the vacuum seat on the barrel and the vacuum pump below. When the vacuum gauge is lowered, the vacuum should be stopped in time to clean the connecting hose.

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